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  1. It worked thank you so much! I can safely delete Windows Install clean up right?
  2. When i downloaded and run it this error pops up: https://imgur.com/wL85IWC . Do i need to run it as administrator?
  3. (Sorry for my bad grammar and english) So I tried unistalling paint.net by deleting the folder, instead of using the control panel. The reason is because im an idiot, i thought it will just comeback whenever i want to install it back. This is some information of the problem: Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Uninstall paint.net doesn't work. It comes up with this: https://imgur.com/cGWTXQn . Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Repair Paint.NET doesnt work either. It comes up with this: https://imgur.com/Kczc4uR https://imgur.com/2NpJu7v https://imgur.com/5EIFNn5 . I also can't install it back, i can't uninstall and install paint.net. I only found one old post from 2011 that has the same problem as me, but it is pretty old so idk, this is the post: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/21378-accidentally-deleted-installation-folder/?tab=comments#comment-370712 . Some info: OS -> Windows 10 paint.net verion -> 4.2.14 Please reply devs.
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