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  1. I found a tutorial for how to make peach fuzz on marmosa but not having luck finding one for paint.net I'm basically looking to make a texture like #3 not just for the face but for the entire body as well.
  2. sorry this is way late. it was a berry bush overlay to show ripe berries flowers or nothing depending on the growth stages of the bush. it was a 16x16 image for vintage story and I lost a lot of berries when I tried resizing it. the image was flat only 1 layer but was meant to be used as an over lay in the game the berries and flowers were separate textures but were flat. I didn't want them to be transparent because I didn't want to see the bushes under the berries or flowers. when resizing it to fit the 16x16 image for vintage story the 64x64 image would lose a lot of the berries and look a lot more barren. same with flowers. the solution I did was simply used the resize option that made it transparent then copied the layer multiple times and merged them down on top of each other until it was solid again. each time you duplicate the image and merge it together it would get less transparent. this is what I did to solve my issue at the time. working on skin textures for Kenshi now and use the same thing to get a solid image then once I change textures and skin the way I want I make the image transparent to between 18-28 for diffuse. the only problem with this method is if your using a transparent image that has different levels of transparency as doing this will make it all the same level of transparency. before saving it you need to merge it with an empty layer to update it properly otherwise it doesn't seem to transfer well.
  3. thanks. I thought I come across something about it being BC3/DXT5 but I couldn't remember where or exactly what it said. I did get this working and thanks. I'll be saving them in BC3/DXT5 for now on.
  4. so I'm making a texture for a character for a new race in Kenshi. I'm using an old nude model for now just to get the body proportioned out but will be replaced with fur later. a problem I'm having is when I use my diffuse it's very shiny and glossy and I don't know if when I save it what I should be using in the settings. there are so many options I don't know what one to use or if it has anything to do with why it's not translating very well. I make sure to have mip maps checked to create mipmaps when saving but one response I had on the Kenshi forum about it is perhaps the wrong channels for it but I don't know what channel or even how to change channels. I figured since I took the image directly from kenshi used open with paint.net then renamed it that this would make sure everything is loaded fine but for some reason after I edit the portion of the image that I needed to change for now that being the texture and diffuse for the under cloths with a model I have when I save it and load it, it loads shiny instead of how it should look. I fixed some of the problems by using a Cannibal mask and stuff because they are naturally naked so that makes 1 less thing I need to work on. so the only file I need to change now to get what I'm looking for is primarily the texture and it is a diffuse.dds file but for some reason any time I change anything on the image and resave it it lt loads in the game all shiny and stuff and it shouldn't. anyone know if it's something in the settings or something?
  5. How do I resize an image using anything other than nearest neighbor but not lose the opacity? when resizing an image texture overlay in my case. you choose to resize nearest neighbor that keeps opacity but drastically reduces coverage while pretty much every other option be it fant, bilinear, bicubic, best quality, or super sampling, they keep decent coverage but reduces the opacity and makes the texture transparent. I want to resize my texture keeping the opacity of nearest neighbor but maintaining the coverage of pretty much every other option.
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