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  1. When selecting a color from the current palette dialog box the individual color highlights on mouse over: (white box under cursor) However when the mouse is removed the highlight is also removed: The feature request is to have a highlight on the MRU (most recently used): I realize the numeric value is displayed in the RGB and Hex boxes but having a persistent visual reference to the MRU would make it easier when the palette has gradient values that are nearly identical. Especially useful for those whose eyes are fatigued from long hours or haven't worked like those of a 20 year old in a long time. The two selections below are adjacent in the visual gradient but I don't know which is which. THIS: vs. THIS: Thank you
  2. Hello @shinian I recently purchased an XP-PEN Deco 01v2 graphics tablet and will confirm mine does work with Paint.net under Windows 7. As Pixey mentioned there is no 'pressure sensitivity' available but as I am a newbie to graphics tablets it's not something I miss or know how to use. If @Rick Brewster does incorporate it in the future it will be an ah-ha and oh-wow moment for myself. Hope this helps.
  3. Not to nit-pick but the sepia-toned palette and electric blue palette are identical. BTW, thank you for sharing your palettes. Rick
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