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  1. I tried Print It. It worked very well. I ignored my anti-virus and downloaded it. Then I scanned it locally with 2 different programs and it was fine. Thanks very much.
  2. Thanks again...but, and I am not a nasty guy, odd to have a print size drive an image size estimate without being able to print the image that size. I went through every post in the Print It section and was happy to see it give me some hope of running Print It under windows 10 and with a current version of paint.net. However my attempt to download was blocked by my anti-vurus software (Bitdefender). Sometimes these things "clear up." I will persist.
  3. Oh and I also can't figure out why Resize Print Size doesn't work - at least not the way I would have expected it.
  4. Thanks for the welcome. Actually I have not tested it since from what other folks have written I didn't know if it was worth my while. I looked for it briefly but could not find a Windows 10 version. I'd appreciate a link and will report back on my success. Regards.
  5. After searching and reading and searching, i have come up with nothing re my problem except for a menu option - Resize Print Size, and a plugin - prinitit (and maybe others) - that don't work. All I want to do is to print something a different size from the original. There's hardly an application that I can think of that can't do this. So my conclusion is that I'm missing something obvious. Please help.
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