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    Westminster, Colorado, U.S.A.
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    Video games -- mostly older indies (Cave Story, Yume Nikki, La-Mulana, etc...) and retro Nintendo, but I also have a special place in my heart for games like first-person shooters and some modern Nintendo. I also like music (VGM OSTs, Rock/Metal of various types, some Hip-hop/Rap, Grunge, etc...).

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  1. Hello welcome to my profile

  2. Hello, and apologies for the bump. I just came to this thread to ask, is there an alternative to this plugin (or a modified version) that allows saving of the .ico at any bit depths other than 8-bit or 32-bit? I would like to be able to specify the bit depth because I am trying to save a 4-bit 32x32 icon and nothing more. Any help is appreciated Edit: While I'm at it, what about custom resolutions as well? I'm not in the immediate need but I figure it probably comes hand-in-hand with the theoretical custom bit depth.
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