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  1. By the way, the next time you have to delete something to make it transparent, press Delete on your keyboard. That way you wont lose whats in your clipboard.
  2. Pretty sure it saves as a DirectDraw Surface, which is just a "regular" image file, not a volume texture.
  3. Try using the Hue / Saturation tool in the adjustments tab (Ctrl+Shift+U) and shift the hue until it looks right.
  4. True, but this requires you to export them as shapes. (or maybe I just can't read manuals properly and there is a way to export right to the canvas)
  5. Hello, I have been working with Paint.net a lot recently, but I have found a minor problem that bugs me a bit sometimes. Currently, when working with the line tool you only have 4 "nodes" to play around with to change the shape. I included a demonstration of a program called Pinta, which lets you freely adjust the amount of these nodes whenever and wherever. Thanks! P.S.: Maybe an option to choose between pre-generated nodes and this?
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