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  1. Solved. good to know there is nothing with Norton 360 Security, it's from "Norton Safe Web" Extension installed in Chrome! for this, you need to disable this extension in Chrome to download the Plugin. (still I'm wondering why it didn't happened for other plugins?!)
  2. I use my computer in a wide range and for years I'm using Norton with no problem; for many times I've been protected against viruses and hacks. for current issue, I installed 2 other packs of plugins (Pyrochild and Drop Shadow)without any problem or alert from Norton; why this pack (Madjik) gives me alert?! there should be a way to modify this plugin pack to make it work like other plugins. I'll try to disable Norton and install the Plugin pack to see if it scans any issues after installing or not.
  3. Hi there, when I try to download Madjik dll pack, my Norton 360 blocks it and don't let me to download it! Alert Message is : Malicious Download Detected! Down Right Corner of picture! What's wrong?
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