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  1. I'm not sure if that is it tbh. I am trying to make tile's for my 2d isometric game. I am trying to mimic this exact size and shape from the game assets. Here are some examples. the first are the tiles after I run the tool. The other 3 are tiles from the game.
  2. Should I just try to crop each individual tile?
  3. @Ego Eram Reputo OMG Thank you so much! That was the fix. How would I go about extracting a individual tile? Also, how would I resize them? Also Is it possible to change the size of a tile? I need it to be this size. I think it is 50x28? Sorry for all the questions. Like I said I am quite a noob.
  4. I apologies but I am a noob at paint.net. But how do I use this tool? I was able to install but I can not figure out where the tool is located or how to use it properly. Im going to poke around some more but any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for developing this tool. It looks like it is going to make my life so much easier.
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