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  1. I think I cracked it! Lazpaint can batch convert PDN->ORA, and then GIMP can batch convert ORA->PSD. You have to do it through the command line and the file size still more than doubles, but it's manageable. Thanks for the tips, everyone.
  2. Sorry, I was just using Krita to test if IrfanView's TIF conversion of the PDN files was working, since Paint.NET itself doesn't support multilayer TIFs. No need to sell me on the virtues of Paint.NET, I use it a lot myself. I just need PSD/PSB/TIF since that's the only layered image format supported by other apps I need. Was hoping there might be a tool to convert to PSD given the popularity of the PSD plugin for Paint.NET, but it doesn't look like there is anything out there.
  3. I have a folder of 100+ .PDN files from an artist that I need to use for a project, but unfortunately my workflow doesn't support .PDN, only .PSD/.PSB and multilayer .TIF. I've done a lot of searching already but can't seem to find a way to easily batch-convert these .PDN files into another layered format. - IrfanView can open .PSD files and convert .PDN to JPG/PNG/etc., but can't convert PDN (or anything else) to .PSD - IrfanView can also convert to TIFF, but the filesize is hugely inflated (~30x), and when I tried loading the converted file in Krita I got a glitchy result (b
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