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  1. null54 THANK YOU!! I would never have figured that out. I just did a test save with those settings and the skin worked perfectly. I love that DOOM Box!!!
  2. Thanks for the responses. The game is Silent Hunter 4. I've altered the tower before. Its just now Paint.net is giving me a different result. . Shot 1 is the properties of the original file in BC1 (Linear, DXT1). That works in game. Shot 2 is the settings I use to save the file. In this case I did not change the file. I opened the file in paint.net and tried to save it in its original format. Shot 3 is the new file but now it is smaller and will not work in game. The files are too big to upload here (700 kB or so) here is the link to my media
  3. I have a dds file that is skin in a simulation I play. The format is BC1 (Linear, DXT1) The file size is 1.00Mb I routinely edit this file to display trophies in game. In this case it is the conning tower of a submarine. I am a novice at this but it used to work before. I just made sure when I was done editing the file I did not click save as,, I just clicked SAVE to let paint.net save it as the original input format. It would I would copy the file back into the game folder and see the new markings. Now it isn't doing that.. its changing the file size. If I open
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