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  1. Sorry but i need it one layer, not multiple. And the white still doesnt come below black
  2. Omg i think i misled you hard. Sorry! You see what the guy in the video is doing is that he is just setting the while and black levels and showing the two types. This is used as a .png file in a game called Cities Skylines as a illumination texture https://cslmodding.info/asset/building/#illumination So i dont need it animated. Thats the game's job. All i need is to set the black levels at 192 and white levels at either 255 or 128. My issue is i dont know if i should use the input or output tab. And if i use the output tab and set the black at 192 and white at 255, the
  3. Video Here the guy uses photoshop but i wanna know how to do it in .net Help?
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