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  1. No answers? I'm getting kirita down, its pretty similar...but I need a plugin list link lol
  2. Hi, I'm JEFF...aka "aazard", A pleasure to "chat" with you on this matter (Its hard to get "mid skill level" help) I got stuck (by choice) needing to learn "Raster Image editing", odd "not for the average user" image formats and "color types" (who knew?), "markdown language" (**where** _we_ #write ##like ###this, and make lines like *** that or boxes like |---|... its NUTS) then this "VisualStudio2019" (I know nothing and I can make working "DLL's", its seriously WRONG!) I fix desktops, laptops and mobile phones for work.. so "cowboy learning" is like my thing... I'm n
  3. whats the "best" free raster image editor in the FOSS, free, open source worlds? I have GIMP, Kirita & Paint.net..... I find Paint with plugin packs more powerful than gimp (but i'm a noob) I'm just mastering tiff editing under 16K and, mipmaps & DXT / Block compression encoding, NOW I WANT HDR lol best suggestions for working with 16K HFR images for Windows?? thats free lol
  4. Hi, I'm a learning user. I'm about 2 months in and I have need to create/edit 16bit HDR images, for conversion as a color map for a video game (kerbal space program, I'm making a 16K HDR "skybox") to DXT BC6 or BC7. In my reading I keep seeing that: "PDN and TIFF cant do that in Paint.net", but I doubt that because I'm jumping into another free editor, Kirita, (but paint.net is a way better program...other than no exr??) and it can do it. Where is the plugin (or option inside default program if I'm missing it??) that would allow be to do as I wish?
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