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  1. The installer is saying I don't have it installed and then just closes, could it be because I purchased it through the microsoft store? Could I just directly download the dll and other necessary files somehow?
  2. Hi, love the plugin! I was wondering if there was a way (or you can implement one) to apply a texture to the image used for the brush shape itself, instead of only solid colors (when I'm using black templates). Say you could select a section of an image, and then the shape you want to overlay it onto, so you could give your brush the texture of gold paper, or even part of another picture inside the shape. Yeah you could just put the texture on the image outside the app, but if you want to try multiple textures on the same image you have to keep doing it externally and saving as separate file, so it's not very fast and breaks your flow. The good thing about it being in a brush is you can effortlessly copy the same image
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