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  1. Before noticing all these latest replies, I decided to expand both the AGIF Cat image and Canvas to 160%. Then, I imported the card frame and placed it over the AGIF where I wanted (naming this layer "//Foreground"). Next, I used Outline Selection from the BoltBait Plugin pack and made the card's contour fully white to cover the excess left by placing an enlarged square image beneath a rectangular one. This required creating a background layer, which making the outline did automatically (being then renamed "//Background"). Since I ended up wanting the picture enlarged to fit the c
  2. Thanks very much! If I can lick these small issues, I can go further. I've been trying very hard to wrap my head around this, and you've made it so, so simple. THANKS, PAL. Now, I'm trying to figure this part out on my own, but I'm hitting a wall. I've done the //background //foreground bit, I've layered things in order, but I don't understand how to get all frames of the AGIF moved the way Andrew did it. It looks perfect with his card, but did he really grab one frame at a time and try to perfectly overlap them as I'm (NOT) doing (successfully)? Unless
  3. Oh, awesome Andrew! Thank you! Thank you for letting me know. Now all that's left is expanding that Felix the Cat picture to cover the transparent portions left and then do "Alpha Masking" I think it's called to smooth out both the outside of the card and the interior border where AGIF meets card. If it proves too challenging, I might just accept Andrew's work. You can see in this card how I've blacked the interior border by hand, as I've been struggling with the masking, smoothing out process. I've been told this masking is simple, but I've only seen it done much wi
  4. https://imgchest.com/p/pwl7lgepyx2 Here you can see the problem I'm having... the AGIF will allow insertion but not budge from its initial position. Also ~ https://imgchest.com/p/ovj4jkr278m Though the background and foreground layers seem fine, the AGIF itself (position aside) is now stuttering at a point in its cycle instead of looping smoothly. I'm not sure why this would happen, or how to smooth it out? https://imgchest.com/p/aljyqxno425 The original AGIF can be seen here, for reference.
  5. Hi Pixey, thank you for your reply. I've followed the steps laid out in your link, and AGIFs are now being recognized. The problems I'm running into now are two-fold: 1. Once I import an AGIF, I can't seem to move it at all. Though the rectangle selector moves when I want it to, the actual image stays put in the top left corner of my canvas. 2. The AGIF loops fine, but the other layer(s) [that I wish to be constant throughout] are looping very briefly along with it. I'm using this site to make cards: https://cartoon-battle.cards/card-bu
  6. I'm trying to combine multiple layers of PNG images with an Animated GIF. I'm not sure how to make PDN recognize GIFs that move instead of making them just a flat picture. I'm not trying to -create- an AGIF with many layers, I'm trying to -preserve- an existing one through basic layer import. When I save, I want to save as an AGIF and have it work anywhere as intended. Is there a plugin I can use to make this work simply?
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