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  1. Hello, I was just in a discussion about this here, over whether I needed to get a "last free version" from an archive. I was assured the version at paint.net was free. So I deleted the version from the archive site. I was just at https://www.getpaint.net/download.html and selected the Windows version, and I was directed to a not-free version at the Windows store. Can someone please provide me with a link to a free version for Windows 10. Thank you.
  2. I am VERY familiar with being able to manipulate Google results regarding your own site. Yes, you can. I have been to the paint.net site several times, and it's not being made clear the that free download is for free software, considering it's not marked as free elsewhere (Microsoft Store, downloads.cnet.com, etc.) Hopefully, someone other that the person I'm replying to is in charge of paint.net's site. Good bye.
  3. Anyway, I have deleted the version from the archive site, and I'm getting it from paint.net's site, as the free download is actually for a free version. Thanks for the replies. ( Paint.net needs to emphasize that the s/w is actually free on their site, to discourage people from shopping for "last free versions" - which is a very common activity. )
  4. I don't believe it's legal for someone to charge for someone else's free software. And I don't think anyone would think that MICROSOFT would do that. Therefor, paint.net is authorizing it (Its not free at the Microsoft store, which is where Google send you (the search result is also probably arranged by paint.net). So, it needs to be made clear that the FREE download at paint.net is actually for FREE software. (Again, given that a FREE download doesn't answer the question as to whether you can actually use it for free.)
  5. I got it from here: <snipped> A "free download" doesn't necessarily mean free software. The paint.net website should make it clear that the version maintained there is free, as if you follow a Google link to the Windows store, the software is NOT free.
  6. I found a site that has 15 versions, from 3.5.6 to 4.2.13. What's the last free version? (I don't want to deal with a nag about a version not being free.) Thanks.
  7. Hello, I just reinstalled Windows 10. I have use paint.net for years(but use it occasionally). I went to install, and the page says it's $6.99. I went to download.cnet.com, and there's a buy next to download, meaning it's not free anymore. With other applications that are no longer free, sites like lastfreeversion have them archived. I can't find paint.net Can someone provide me with a link to the last free version? Thanks.
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