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  1. i used this here: https://prnt.sc/uie5qq i cant change their much, but it all was fine when i save it yesterday and the area was not divided into this pixels or confetti. the color on the area was solid when i saved it but after opening it today it wasnt. if i beginn it again all its normal but then i have to do all again
  2. Hello, I am using pain for mapping. and i am right now working on a war in france but now i opend the project again and i cant fill anything because for example a area which i painted complety red is now still red but divided into very fine pixels so if i would try to fill the area with another color only one pixel gets filled. i hope you understand . its hard to explain and english is not my best language. here a a screenshot so you understand i hope: https://prnt.sc/ui9ecc when i saved it yesterday, it wasnt divided in this fine pixels. so if i now try to fill a area only one
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