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  1. It just worked. I rechecked for updates and had one pending AS OF TODAY it was a new update, even though I updated LAST NIGHT and installed it. It opened, Thank you all for the help and for being extremely needy
  2. I have, on Microsoft Store it tells me I own the product, I installed it directly to my desktop using the 3 dots and install on my device, it tells me that it is installed then it never launches when I press launch. I have also tried that person's fix, my computer and microsoft accounts are the same email and everything @Pixey
  3. It is now morning, both of my problems are persisting with an update and a night long of being shut off. I tried most of those fixes and nothing. Problem Via website: Video Problem with Microsoft App Store: Video
  4. Alright, ty. I'll let ya know if it works in the morning. Was going a bit mad, ty for letting me know =]
  5. A quick bump because I am still having problems, and I'm going a tad insane since it hasn't been working. I have ran into a new problem I explain in the text post above from downloading from the Microsoft App Store and the first problem still persists when I try and download from the website. I don't mean to sound needy but I am
  6. I'm sorry, I tried to delete it in the middle, but it just sent twice, then I edited both a lot to make them make sense but it never did. My problem has now moved on from not installing. Once I bought it on the Microsoft App Store I can see the app on my taskbar but it isn't actually opening the program and none of the appropriate ProgramFiles folders have been created to show it's installation. Video of new problem Video I also do not know how to delete the attachment, so sorry about it's inclusion still
  7. I can confirm. Also, I just checked other peoples posts and I have purchased it through the Microsoft App Store so now I have the application pinned to my taskbar, but whenever I click to open it nothing happens. EDIT: Proof of me having newest .NET Framework
  8. Everytime I try to install paint.net it never finishes, I give the installer access, it loads a few things then it shuts down and never completes it job. Video
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