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  1. Thanks everyone, turns out you can't use the screen blend mode on a transparent layer. Needed to have a background!
  2. Sorry about that, here it is. Yesterday I was importing GFX pictures such as smoke, fire, and using the blending mode screen to get rid of all the black pixels. Today, I tried to do the same thing, however it is not working. I'm not quite sure why? Here's a photo of what I made yesterday. I already tried reinstalling, removing all plugins, restarting my PC, none has availed.
  3. Yesterday I was able to import images and use the screen blending mode to get rid of all the black pixels, however today for some reason It's not working. https://imgur.com/a/0uRv5CW Notice how the black is still there even on screen mode, yesterday I imported that same picture and it worked fine. What went wrong?
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