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  1. I'm trying to write an effect that it seems needs to be created as a non-CodeLab plugin. I'm using the "Effect" template provided by toe_head2001. I think I'm making progress, but I'm having a problem. I want the "OK" button to call the Render function without closing the effect window. Can someone give me some pointers on how to do that?
  2. Oh, whoops. I skimmed the thread, but I guess I skimmed it too quickly.
  3. When I use the "Effect" template, and I try to edit the ConfigDialog in the Windows Forms Designer, the designer behaves very upsettingly. I'm running Windows 10 and I'm using Visual Studio 2019. Specifically, when I try to drag the resizing handles for the window, besides just resizing, the window jumps to God only knows where. In this screenshot, I began clicking and holding the button: and the moment I dragged it a pixel to the right, the dialog widget jumped out of view, and I became unable to scroll the editor window far enough in any direction to see any of it. Then
  4. I am planning on sharing it, but thanks for the suggestion. Now I just need to figure out why Windows Form Designer is so heinously busted.
  5. Excellent, thanks so much. In the post you linked me to, you listed six plugin types. Based on what I have described, can you recommend which of these I should use? I don't really know what all of them are, but I kind of have the vague intuition that I'm making a "PropertyBasedEffect" (the plugin I actually want to make does have two integer properties it will use in its computation).
  6. I'm trying to write a plugin that analyzes the pixels and extracts some data from them, and then reports that data somehow. For the sake of discussion, let's just say that I want to calculate the average color of all the pixels and then show the name of that color in English. (This isn't actually what I want my plugin to do, but it's easier to explain.) Ideally, when you select the plugin from the Effects menu, the effect dialog would open and it would have a "Run" button or something. Clicking that button would run the analysis and output the color name into a text field in the effect dialog.
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