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  1. Yeah, the decoder is probably buggy, but here is what's strange though - if I have a standard simple image in .png without an associated profile (should be sRGB profile by default then, right?) and save if into .avif using your plugin, it gets a new profile attached, and then probably Win Paint just ignores it and when I open both - original .png and the exported one in Win Paint, the contrast difference looks like day and night. I remember I saw a similar issue when used GIMP to export to .avif, but it wasn't happening when used a command line tool (forgot its name) instead. So, it's somethin
  2. Thank you so much for this plugin, it works great! I hope they will optimize the underlying libraries (and hopefully make it run on GPUs) in future so it works as fast as other image formats. One little thing I've noticed - Windows' Paint doesn't seem to care about the exported color profile in those avif's. Maybe you could add an option to attach or ignore color profiles. Also, GIMP shows some error/warning when I open files, exported by this plugin. Browsers don't complain though.
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