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  1. Updated to v1.04. Changelog: Fixed a size detection problem. Added support for rendering use element when importing with layers (experimental) Fixed a crash when clicking the GitHub link on Paint.NET 4.3+ License changed to LGPL
  2. What happens if the plugin both supports load and save with custom loading UI? (which I'll probably release soon.) I'm already using IsReflexive => false though using a stopwatch to catch chained OnSaveT=>OnLoad calls. Instead, I'm showing a message to user that informs about preview generation is not supported by the plugin. protected override Document OnLoad(Stream input) { return stopwatch != null && stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds < 100 ? GetPreviewNotSupportedDocument() : new MyFileTypeImporter().Import(input); // <-- this opens loading interface } protected override void OnSaveT(Document input, Stream output, PropertyBasedSaveConfigToken token, Surface scratchSurface, ProgressEventHandler progressCallback) { // First call is always for preview generation :) if (stopwatch == null) { stopwatch = Stopwatch.StartNew(); return; } // DoSomething stopwatch = Stopwatch.StartNew(); } But I can't prevent OnSaveT running after first call. Stream type checking or using reflection (StackFrame to check caller method's name which contains 'Preview' if its for preview generation) break the rules. I can't use these. I think the decision of preview generation should be given to the developer. Not all formats are save/load fast or resource-friendly.
  3. Probably because it overrides IsReflexive => true. Because it's a lossless filetype plugin. AFAIK Paint.NET doesn't call OnLoad method to generate preview in this case. No problem. I'm kinda new
  4. No Here is the screenshot with Photoshop plugin. It's not a plugin issue.
  5. It happens with other layer supported filetype plugins too. I've just checked Photoshop plugin. It looks like a Paint.NET issue. It also might be intended for memory-usage concerns.
  6. I was using the portable version (paint.net.4.300.7894.40357.portable.x64.scd.aot.zip). Now installed and it's working fine.
  7. Current alpha (7894.40357) can't load plugins from <Documents>\paint.net App Files. Is this intended? I know this directory for the store version' plugins but it was working with regular Paint.NET 4.2.16 too.
  8. Hi @ThreadSnake This could be related to an issue with SVG.NET library internally used by the plugin which does the actual SVG reading. Issue is here: https://github.com/svg-net/SVG/issues/837 I'll check this again more thoroughly. If it's something I can fix, I'll update the plugin. Viewbox and Viewport fields are just informational fields. You can't edit them. Thanks for reporting. As a workaround, adding "viewBox" attribute to svg definition seems to fix the problem. <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" width="500" height="500" viewBox="0 0 500 500">
  9. Links updated to v1.03.1 🥰 Thanks to @AlexDolmatov and @AndrewDavid Changelog: Fixed a dependency loading problem.
  10. Links updated to v1.03 🥰 Changelog: Removed ASP.NET dependency of SVG.NET library.
  11. Updated to v1.02 🥰 Changelog: Fixed an error that causes paint.net to crash when setting canvas dimensions (#11) Updated to use SVG.NET v3.2.3 and Fizzler v1.3.0
  12. Updated to v1.01. Changelog: Fixed some bugs that leading crash. Some GUI changes. Viewport x, y values were not displaying correctly. Fixed duplicate import of groups when using Group import mode. Auto-generated layer names are now more meaningful. Added a memory warning message when importing many layers. Case-insensitive comparison of values for visibility attributes (visibility & display) for svg elements.
  13. This is a Paint.NET filetype plugin for loading SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and its compressed variant SVGZ files. SVG elements can be rendered as a flat image file or each on a separate layer. The plugin is a tiny wrapper around the SVG.NET Library which does the actual SVG reading. Tested on Paint.NET 4.2.16 & 4.3 Beta Build 7929. Current Latest Version: 1.0.4 Download links Here are the download links for latest release: Installer Manual Installation SvgFileTypePlugin_setup.exe (399 KiB) SvgFileTypePlugin.zip (274 KiB) How to install 🔴 Note: Before install make sure you don't have any other file type plugin installed handling the same file types as this plugin. To auto install (recommended) the plugin perform the following steps: Download and run SvgFileTypePlugin_setup.exe Follow the steps of the setup wizard. To manually install the plugin perform the following steps: Download and extract SvgFileTypePlugin.zip If you're using Paint.NET 4.3 or later: If you're using Classic version of Paint.NET: Create a new folder named SvgFileTypePlugin in the <Paint.NET>\FileTypes directory (default location is C:\Program Files\paint.net\FileTypes). If you're using Microsoft Store version of Paint.NET: Create a new folder named SvgFileTypePlugin in the <Documents>\paint.net App Files\FileTypes directory. Put the extracted files in this newly created folder. If you're using Paint.NET 4.2: If you're using Classic version of Paint.NET: Put the extracted files in the <Paint.NET>\FileTypes directory (default location is C:\Program Files\paint.net\FileTypes). If you're using Microsoft Store version of Paint.NET: Put the extracted files in the <Documents>\paint.net App Files\FileTypes directory. Restart Paint.NET. Changelog and older versions can be found here. Source Code on GitHub
  14. v1.0 released. You can get the latest version from this link: https://github.com/otuncelli/Scalable-Vector-Graphics-Plugin-for-Paint.NET/releases Disclaimer: I merged all required third party libraries into a single file so everyone can easily install, remove and update it. Because of this merging, the binary form of the plugin contains code from the Fizzler project ( LGPL ) which forces me to use the same license. LGPL terms only applies to binary form. Changelog: Updated to use SVG.NET v3.1.1 Changed to use non-obsolete FileType constructor Fixed some GUI related problems If you experience any problems you can open an issue on github or post it here. Also if you're a developer, you're welcome to contribute code on github and help making this plugin better.
  15. Yes. It's that simple. The instructions are for the old plugin (ImSVG.Filetype) which has nothing to do with the plugin from github. You can ignore them safely if you're using the plugin from github.
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