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  1. @Pixey I think what happened was our Software Center incorrectly upgraded to the 32 bit version, which would have used "Program Files (x86)", which would have had no existing plugin folders. The manual install of .13 defaulted to the x86 folder, but after we changed that and installed to the proper folder ("Program Files"), we were good. Thanks for your help!
  2. First time I've lost them. Updated via our in-house Software Center (locked down pc's). I guess I'll ask our network admin to manually upgrade me. If that doesn't work, maybe rollback to the previous version.
  3. Hi Pixey, Free version. I'm updating my plugins to the latest version, just in case that helps.
  4. Just installed latest Paint.net 4.2.13 and lost all my plugins. When I go to Plugin Errors, it says no errors encountered. They're still in the folder, but not loaded. FileTypes: WebP, TinyPNG, OptimizedJpeg, not loaded <<<< these are what bothers me the most. Effects: Vandermotten, not loaded
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