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  1. Good Day to all! Recent updates have been happening on the sidelines, and my application finally worked again for some reasons unknown. I can finally create a new canvas, adjust my contrast and etc. It appears to have fixed all on its own. Cheers, JustCalvin
  2. Alright. I do appreciate you guys for at least trying to help me solve this problem with me, I guess it was just my computer that has the problem. Might result in buying a new one. Cheers, JustCalvin
  3. For the duration, I did the following: - I ran the program, finding issues with the Framework, and it told me to do the following steps: > Re-install the .NET Framework to the latest > Come back to it if it didn't fix the issue - After the 2nd step, it scanned / tried to fix the issue again, but it said there was no issue - I searched online how to repair my framework, and followed the "Turn Windows Features On or Off" method - After a couple ticking and unticking boxes to the 4.8 Framework (current framework), and a couple of reboots and restarts... Pa
  4. Currently the logs for "sfc /scanow", "chkdsk", and "chkdsk /scan" are present, and I still I have no idea what to do with them
  5. Currently doing the chkdsk /scan, and after that I have no idea what I am doing and I am completely in the dark here.
  6. In regards to it still running in Task Manager, no, it goes along with it (paint.net in the task manager)
  7. Ok, I manage to screencapture and convert it into a compressed gif, and on this I simply demonstrate the "crash"
  8. Yes, I've rebooted multiple times, and yes Paint.net simply closes. I also tried to screen record the whole process, but the file size is 1.30 MB
  9. Still the same result, it still crashes when I did that, and 2 attempts of Paint.net Repair as well
  10. Application paint.net 4.2.13 (Final 4.213.7521.38873) Build Date Tuesday, August 4, 2020 Install type Classic Hardware accelerated rendering (GPU) True Animations True DPI 144 (1.50x scale) Language en-US OS Windows 10 Home x64 (10.0.18363.0) (0x65) .NET Runtime 4.0.30319.42000 Physical Memory 8,035 MB CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz Speed ~2712 MHz Cores / Threads 2 / 4 Features SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4_1, SSE4_2, AVX, AVX2 Pointer HIDI2C Device Type Touch
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