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  1. Hi Pixey,

    thanks for your support.

    Problem is that I'm lost when it comes to this alpha-mask-step. I can run Bolt's plugin Alpha to Gray or Gray to Alpha, but I cannot make an alpha-mask. I think it's because my paint-version is too new.  My alpha-mask-settings under "objects" also lack the option "paste from clipboard". It's simply not there.

    Maybe "Paste Alpha" (also Bolt's plugin" is an option? Can someone check this? I don't get it, I'm afraid.

    Or is there any alternative without this alpha-mask procedure?



  2. Thanks everybody for your contributions.

    The solutions/examples from Eli and Djisves seem to fit best according to their appearance. Pity that Eli forgot his approach.

    Djisves, I must admit that I don't quite succeed in taking your steps.

    I'm lost with this step onward:

    "On a copy of your grid/lines/rays layer, run Switch Alpha to Gray to create an alpha mask. Copy the mask layer to the clipboard. Delete (or hide) the mask layer."

    I installed the plugin for switch alpha. When I run it, it does not seem to do anything. The plugin for alpha mask seems to be outdated for paint 4.x onward (I use 4.2.13). Is the Switch Alpha to Gray-porcedure also required for your alternatives? I still don't get the lines to blend with the picture and change their thickness. Outline object just makes every line thicker.

    Thanks for a hint!



  3. Hi everybody,

    I'm trying to achieve this old printer effect described here for photoshop with paint.net as I do not own ps and just cannot realize it:




    Can anybody translate this for paint.net - or is paint.net lacking some required features to achieve this? Is it feasable after all?

    All I get is my grayscaled picture (background) with overlaying parralel horizontal b/w-lines (layer 1). Like a zebra over a photo. But I cannot realize this certain effect that the lines get thinner or thicker as the gray gets less or more intense and that the two layers seem to blend.

    Does anybody have an idea on this?

    Thanks very much for your time and effort and sorry for my utter noobiness.



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