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  1. Is there any way to use gaussain blur with fixed blurring? Current Gaussain Blur: Fixed Gaussain Blur (manual): If you are confused. Watch this video:
  2. I have already fixed it by reinstalling paint.net.
  3. I checked which things are in the up to date plugin & then what I have on paint.net. And I don't have the up to date things. Even though I installed the plugin again
  4. I have no idea. The plugin wont just update. I might probably reinstall paint.net and see if it will work.
  5. hold on let me just set my paint.net language to english
  6. I also have the lastest version installed.
  7. I installed the newest version. Checked paint.net. And nothing was added.
  8. BoltBait's Plugin Pack Classic Paint.net
  9. Hello. I recently reinstalled a plugin to update it, downloaded it, checked on paint.net, but it didn't work! If i am doing something wrong tell me.
  10. There is no way to set the default setting. It's just set by the lastest copied image.
  11. You can make your pictures transparent by: Creating an layer & deleting the 1st layer Selecting a part of the picture and deleting it using the delete button. Clicking on the layer setting button and set the slider how you want it to be. These are the natrual ways to make transparency. There could be more ways using plugins.
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