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  1. Wow you guys are absolutely brilliant! Thank you!!! I will give them a try and also thank you Pixey, I found the watercolor brushes in Diviant Art and I'm loving them in Paint! Also thank you Joshua Lamusga for the info about Krita, the brushes in there are amazing too - I've watched a couple tutorials & downloaded it and trying to navigate how to use it. So much fun playing around and learning - this forum is so helpful and everyone is AmaZing, thanks again for the help!
  2. Thank you both so much, I'm so new to this that almost everything you say seems like a cryptic language, lol! I'm not a Diviant Art Member, I only know the basics in paint.net - I'm not sure what either of you said (Diviant - Krita?) but I'll research them for sure and see if I can figure them out. The tool I'm looking is called 'inner shadow 'in photoshop and it allows for all the textures and colors to be adjusted - like color burn, overlay, normal, multiply etc. I found a youtube video of the effect in photoshop that I'm hoping can be done in paint.net. I thought a watercolor brush woul
  3. Hi I'm new here but loving paint.net. Just wondering if there is a plugin for more brushes? I have brush factory (so cool) but I'm looking for a watercolor brush that I can use to outline my graphics to look like I inked around the edges - like you would with a distress ink and a blending tool on paper. I've seen this effect with many of the printable scrapbook papers you buy on etsy and wondering if there is a brush - or technique that will create this effect? I've played around with all the elements in brush factory but I can't seem to get the inked smudged effect I'm looking for. Thanks
  4. Ok I think I figured it out, thank you for your help you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Classic. Once I have unzipped the folder how do I open it to look at the dll folders? I am so confused, every video I watch they just double click on it and it opens, mine asks to find a program to open it?? Sorry I'm just not good at this stuff.
  6. I downloaded it and installed it but it does not show up in my effects menu. I wonder if I didn't install it correctly? I am not very experienced with this stuff at all, but I noticed there are two things to download above - the source code and the rubberstampzip - are they both the same or do both need to be downloaded and installed in the effect folder in paint??? I watched several videos on how to unzip, copy to paint effects folder etc, but it doesn't show up in my pull down screen with the other effects. Do you have a method of downloading that you would be able to share, I really w
  7. Does this plugin no longer work? Or is it only for older versions of paint??? I downloaded it but it didn't work in paint 4.2.12 - Is there a newer plugin or a different way to ake this rubber stamp distressed look?? TIA!
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