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  1. At first I saved the .jpg image with a quality of 100% - but in order to attach the image to the forum message, i needed to re-save the image with 92% - as I needed to get below 256KB. Funny thing is that I only see the error in browsers (and the Thunderbird email client), that probably rely on the same .png library. Just tested Google Chrome - and the same error appears. One could get the idea, that it's actually just one single .png library, that's having trouble with the colours of the files.
  2. what the h... the same issue occurs with .jpg in the browser. Are the browsers in short supply on green colors? 😄
  3. I'm afraid that this build got the same problem. Attached is a screenshot in .jpeg format, for better visualizing the issue. 🙂
  4. PPS: You probably need to download the attached images to see the error, depending on which browser you are using. 🙂
  5. Hi everyone Suddenly got a strange color problem with displaying some simple .png's (all colordepts), and the problem also occurs when using .gif format. One of the troublesome images has been attached, as well as a screenshot displaying the error in Opera, Edge and Firefox - while displaying the image with Internet Explorer (and Windows Explorer) works just fine. What could be problem here? Regards Stickybit PS: Thunderbird renders the image with wrong colors as well.