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  1. Thanks. It hasn't worked for me (it won't open in inkscape) and I wonder if I need to keep any of the bits before the word 'geometry' like any of this: <ps:SimpleGeometryShape xmlns="clr-namespace:PaintDotNet.UI.Media;assembly=PaintDotNet.Framework" xmlns:ps="clr-namespace:PaintDotNet.Shapes;assembly=PaintDotNet.Framework" DisplayName=="10-Scallop Mat"
  2. Thanks. a text editor? like notepad++ or SublimeText? also what does 'copy the geometry' mean? you mean the code?
  3. One more quick question to anybody really. Does anyone know if these shapes can be used in Inkscape? I would like to work between the two programs.
  4. Amazing shapes. Are these free commercial use? Is there a licensing agreement available to download?