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  1. Thanks again for the help!
  2. Update: Thanks so much for the help! I found that some of the files that should be included are missing, so I reinstalled for the third time, deleted all of the old Simon B's effects, and then put in the new ones. Now they work I guess!? It's funny, because I already did this twice and they still didn't work, but 3rd time's a charm I guess.
  3. @PixeyYes, I know that the effects are in the sub-menus, and I see all the plugins that I installed, except the Simon B plugins.
  4. The files are in the effects folder, just not showing up in paint.net.
  5. Oh, whoops. It said on the installation guide site to run that program if the plugins aren't working. Nothing comes up in the plugins error section of paint.net. But, I still don't see the plugins that I installed.
  6. Hi! I am using the classic version, and AninGIF is in File Types.
  7. So I was installing some plugins, I got the BoltBait pack, and that worked fine I got the pyrochild plugins, and had a few issues, but solved them. Then, I installed Simon B's plugin pack, I put them in the effects folder, and they didn't show up. So I ran the plugin problems detector, and here's what came up. I don't know what to do.