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  1. Works! 🙂 Okay, I have black background instead of checkers, so tinting shapes to dark colors might be a bit hard to see, but it's a much better way already. I think I have seen some checkbox in Gimp or Xara or an older for corner case handling a thing like that. Like... "treat transparent as 0,0,0" or something. If Photoshop would not force me to go online each month... I'm tempted to learn it. But not that way... Anyways, it kind of works 🙂
  2. This is genius! There's no way it would not help, the black should go through to the middle layer just as if I had done that filling I wrote about. I'll try... many thanks...
  3. When you make two layers and set the top layer to use Multiply as operator, interprets the bottom layer as being 255 in all channels at the transparent (empty, the checkers) areas. Is there a way to make it interpret an empty area as zero at all channels (black) instead? I could work around it by just filling the empty areas in a bottom layer with black color. But then you can't really work with the shape (the opaque area), because when you cut something out, you need to refill black again, that's much work to do. What ways are there to tint a white shape? I tried it with layers, but that's not working nice. And I disagree with on what it thinks transparent should mean to the multiply-operator, but maybe I'm wrong. What do other programs do in this case? Thanks!