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  1. Thanks for the reply Ego... that's completely thrown me. I thought to create an image for high quality print, it needed to be set at 300dpi and saved that way. I just want to make sure all of my small images print at exactly 300dpi and no less. Such a simple thing is confusing to a novice
  2. Thanks, though I have already read this post. It doesn't really cover what I am experiencing here. I know the resolution I want to set, the question is how can it stay exactly at that resolution, even after I save it and re-open it. It automatically decreases itself.
  3. Interesting, maybe others have experienced this as just a bug? I only work in PNG on my Windows 8 (64-bit)... but everytime I save, the resolution decreases automatically.
  4. Hi Forum, please help with something that's bugging me... ! When using paint.net, I always save my files as a PNG as I always need to resolution to be set at 300 dpi and can't afford any quality loss. Reason being, I'm printing out small images to be used on paper and they must look as clear in quality as possible. Though I've now noticed that if I open an image up again in paint.net that I've already saved and check the image 'resize' option, it has automatically decreased the resolution from when I last saved it? Not always by a huge amount, but still.
  5. Thanks Rick! This is all very helpful 👍
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