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  1. @Pixey Yes, I tried the first suggestion, and I already have the download you sent me. I tried to reinstall both, just in case it did work, but I am still getting the same error code.
  2. @Pixey Yes, all of my microsoft updates are current, I believe when I was deleting my files that I may have accidentally deleted an important file that allowed me to use certain applications. I am still able to use most things, is one of the only things I cannot run.
  3. Yes, I've tried this before and did it once more. It says there was an error while troubleshooting.
  4. This is the best picture I can get, considering the attached files do not work as the size is too big. I took a screenshot instead using gyazo. This is the error code I am getting. - Sabrina
  5. A few days earlier, I deleted some files on my laptop so I could do a recovery on my pc because of it being entirely slow. Because of this, I didn't think deleting files would be a terrible thing since I was going to reset my pc anyways. I've had the same laptop for over four years and it wasn't a great laptop to begin with (it only being temporary,) Because of this, Windows didn't allow me to reset the pc so I deleted those files out of mistake. As I try to redownload all of my applications, seems to be an issue. It will show up a "configuration failed" message that is shown while installing. I've tried to search up many alternatives but none seem to work. I believe I must've deleted a file that was needed to install. It would take me through the installation process but then while I start it up, the "null" message will show up. Is there anyways I can fix this? I already tried downloading .net frameworks in all versions and it hasn't assisted. - Sabrina