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  1. Thank you for the response, these solutions seem promising, I am going to test them very soon.The game basically uses a solid blue color as a blue-screen on all the character images among other things. They are saved as bmps, so this is a rather obsolete method of having "transparent" borders around the characters. The game loads up a scene be it the millennium falcon, or a cantina, etc, and takes I believe the color of the pixel in the very bottom left or right corner, and removes all instances of that color. This is fine and dandy until you deal with pixels that are slightly different (byproduct of the transparent pixels). In that case, the game ignores those and assumes it is part of the art to be displayed. The resolution of the art files is super low, like 400x200 for the largest art (the ones that I have shown) so jagginess isn't exactly an issue to me as long as the color around the edges reasonably matches the rest of the character so that there is no "outline" effect. In other words, the blue you see in the Han is post flattening of the image. The bitmap is stored WITH the blue, and not as a separate layer. Edit: First solution worked like a charm, Ill text the other one soon, but I think that this is exactly the solution I needed. Thanks again!
  2. Hey guys, I am working on a little project for an old game to update the art assets. My issue is that the game is so old that it doesn't like transparent pixels. What happens is, when I am done resizing and converting my image files, the transparent/blended pixels that surround the art (likely a result of using the anti aliasing tool in convert to the color of the background (the game extensively uses blue-screens around art to be able to inset various pictures into different scenes), which adds an ugly blue outline effect to the art. Here are pictures of the before and after. Before loaded In-game My assumption is that the shades of blue that are near the character are slightly different then the rest of the rest of the blue-screen, which makes the game think that those blues are part of the art. What I would like to know is, what is the best solution to solve this issue? Are there tools within that can convert to the best match for the transparent pixels before they are merged with the background layer (would that even look good?), or possibly some plugin that would solve this? I really want to avoid putting any kind of outline around the art, so if there's anything I can do eliminate the transparent pixels without doing much to the quality of the picture, that would be my ideal solution. I have saved each of my art assets individually, so if I have to redo certain parts to get the effect I desire that's totally ok. I just want to make sure that I do this the best and most efficient way possible. Looking forward to hearing any suggestions you guys might have, Thanks!