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  1. Good day! I fully encourage the transition to the Windows store. It is really convenient. But within place with this, I have identified a number of problems for myself. As the main image viewer, I use Fastone image viewer (Win32). It provides for the use of any application as an image editor using a hot key. And I used the Win32 version of Paint.net for that. Unfortunately, when using the version from the MS Store, this scenario does not work. Through manipulation of rights, I managed to access the application folder to specify a link to the paint.net executable file (this is already a problem). But even after gaining access, I can’t pass image the link to the editor in the form of the full file name since, probably, the launch with the command line parameters is not supported in the the Ms store version. I would like that due to the transition to Ms store this functionality would not be affected. One more wish, could you add the option “make default image editor” in the context menu of the windows explorer?
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