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  1. Thank you, I got that. I'm now using BinaryWriter to manually write my properties down. Thanks, but ScriptLab was last update 4 years ago. There are many things, which I need, unsupported by new versions of Paint.NET.
  2. Hi, I've done file handling for property-based effects, you can visit my work at https://github.com/auduongtansang/PDNPresets/tree/file-operation. I'm going to work with the other effect type and really looking forward to your advice.
  3. Thank you for giving me an advice. We're working on final project at school, on which we have to write a plugin to manage presets/filters like Lightroom or other image processing applications, our MyEffectConfigToken includes a List<Pair<Effect, EffectConfigToken>> and I want to write it down on disk. If you have any better idea, please let us know. Thanks again. *Edit: I've found that I can serialize the Property of PropertyBasedEffect effects, but I don't know how to deal with "non-property-based" ones.
  4. Sorry for my bad English. I have a list of EffectConfigToken objects from many effects (Brightness / Contrast, Curves,...), how can I serialize it to write to/read from a file on disk?
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