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  1. I have a set of star photos which are separate exposures of the same part of the sky. I want to stack them, because the stacking will intensify the fainter details, and in addition to that, stacking will cancel out any digital noise which each individual exposure might have. .. I read very closely all 3 of the tutorials you provided, and I understood everything in them, and am grateful to have received them. .. But I need more tutorials. The tutorials you sent were helpful, but I when I tried stacking the star photos, I still was not successful. .. I tried "Import From File" and got all photos loaded, but instead of being labeled as "Layer" they ALL got labeled "Background". I went ahead anyway and made each of them have Opacity = 128 andkept Blending = Normal, but when I got finished with making this change to all of them, the resulting image on my monitor had not changed (I.E. no stacking occurred). I tried "Merge Layer Down" and merged all of them down into one single layer, but that did not work either. .. Please send me more tutorials to read, if there are any more available. The tutoral link to isimonbrown. . . was nice to receive, and I viewed it, but that tutorial is about making a collage, and that is not the same kind of combining layers, as what I want to do with combining layers to achieve stacking. .. This is frustrating because I DID successfully blend some star photos with, and it was my first try, and it was incredibly easy to do, and totally successful, but I forgot exactly the sequence of steps that I followed. I thought I could guess and then do it again, but so far I am getting nowhere. .. Thanks in advance
  2. Please tell me how I can purchase a copy of your book, either in a printed format, or in an electric format (My preferences would be a file in .DOCX or .PDF format). .. I don't have a Kindle or any other kind of reader of that type. .. Thanks in advance BeginnerStarPics
  3. About a month ago I used to successfully stack 5 star photos, and I thought it was totally easy to do. .. But that was just beginner's luck. This was an unfortunate discovery, recently. I have another set of star photo images now, which I want to stack, but I forgot the exact sequence of steps which I had done previously. Unfortunately, I failed after several attempts. .. Could someone please give me some stepwise instructions on simple stacking? Simple, for example: The set of images I now want to stack are already positioned in exact registration relative to each other, so I won't need to do any lateral shifting or rotating to align individual layers. .. I do remember that I was using an opacity number of 128 when I did do that successful stacking. I'd like to know if that was a good guess on my part. I really liked the output stacked .JPG from what stacking did for me. .. Thanks BeginnerStarPics