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  1. It won't allow me to uninstall it from the store. No option to. I tried manually uninstalling from the Control Panel. Didn't work, same problem. To clarify, it'll let me uninstall, remove the Paint.NET Program File, etc. Then install it, but once installed, it gives the same problem.
  2. Thing is, I did that. Multiple times in fact. Don't know what happened.
  3. Primary problem here is: I can open the file, but as soon as I do, around a few seconds later it closes. Previously, I installed the Paint.NET demo on the Microsoft Store (when I already had it, so huge mistake on my part), and now that the demo's ended, I can't open it at all. Tried to look for the crash log folder (wherever it is in the maze of files we call Windows Explorer), and I can't get IN the actual program to open it from there. I'm stuck right now, and need a solution. Hopefully ya'll can help. Thanks! - Plague
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