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  1. Surely that's the version I'm already using, which is the one with this bug I'm trying to avoid?
  2. Is there any temporary solutions? Like, is there a way to edit the file having issues to remove what is causing the issue (like fix the bit depth), or is there a way to downgrade pdn temporarily to the version I didn't have this issue in?
  3. Ah yes, I was also not using anti-aliasing and was not using transparency so this is likely the same issue
  4. The error occurs before the save configuration screen appears (but the save configuration screen appears behind it.
  5. After looking at the release notes, I'm assuming maybe this bug has nothing to do with me accidentally adding a colour to the palette and is instead a bug with the update since the update involved the palette (or it's a mix of both)
  6. I accidentally added a colour (of which I already grabbed from the default palette) elsewhere on the palette (so I now had that colour on the palette twice) and so I reset to the default palette. Now, even after restarting my computer, I am completely unable to save specifically one image that I previously saved fine from paint.net. Even if I copy the image from elsewhere back into paint.net and then Ctrl+A Backspace to have a completely transparent image and then even try saving it to a completely separate location, it seems that just having that image in the history results in this error if
  7. Pretty much exactly what I did. However, for me, the horizontal distortion doesn't change anything which is odd? Yes, that is perfect! I just don't know where to put the .dll and .dlc; I tried the Effects folder but I didn't get the Text Formations section in the first place.
  8. I couldn't figure out how to install the Text on Path plugin... I couldn't seem to accomplish what you got with Paste Warp; this is the closest I could get https://imgur.com/a/NBsBrxQ but the distortion filters seemed to do nothing...
  9. I can't seem to get this to align properly. It's not exactly a wave I'm trying to do- it's just a simple curve. This is pretty much as close as I could get https://imgur.com/a/0adIAoS
  10. I have this line that I would like to align text to. I've seen circle text but I can't accomplish this using it. Any ideas?
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