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  1. It will happen on any image. If you import this image and save it as .dds and BC1/BC7 sRGB, the colors will appear incorrect in any other program.
  2. Hello, I have discovered an issue with the BC1 and BC7 file formats for exporting as a .dds file. The sRGB color profile options do not work correctly. When exporting as sRGB, the colors get washed out and brightened. Exporting as BC1/BC7 Linear does not have this issue. The washed out colors will not appear if the image is reloaded into paint.net after exporting, however in any other program such as Photoshop, the colors will be incorrect. I have attached images showing the issue. The images on top are BC1 and BC7 Linear, while those on bottom are BC1 and BC7 sRGB respectively. https://imgur.com/OSDGWmA https://imgur.com/ldqNBCq
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