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  1. When I am composing an email and utilize the "Insert" -> "Screenshot" function in Outlook 2019 (Windows 10) to capture a portion of the screen, then copy and paste that into Paint.net in order to edit the image (such as circle something, adding a big arrow to point at something, etc.)... the image always pastes into Paint.net overly large and blurry. I always then have to manually resize the image to about 64% the original size to make it match the original screenshot. If I look at the image properties ("Format Picture...") in Outlook, it would say the image is (for example) 8" x 4". But when I copy/paste that image from Outlook into Paint.net, the image automatically resizes to about 12.5" x 6.25" and is blurry. Yet, if I use "Snip & Sketch" to obtain the screenshot, there is no distortion. It pastes into Paint.net at the exact same size as was snipped. The problem is, usually I am in Outlook and the "Screenshot" function is readily available to me, much easier than having to open Snip & Sketch from the taskbar or start menu. Anyone know why this is happening? I am assuming it may have something to do with DPI? But Outlook doesn't mention the DPI of the screenshot under "Format Picture..." so I can't confirm this is the cause. Anyone know how to prevent this from happening?