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  1. Below is a description of my problem:
    The White toner is coming out a blue/grey color. The first thing you want to do is leave the white toner cartridge in the printer and then print a test page from the menu’s located on the printer. I personally use the network settings report, but you will see that your white toner is working just fine once the report comes out. All the text will be in white. The reason that it is printing with the Blue/Grey color is because your design software is adding Cyan to the image to give it a “richer” black. You will need to adjust these settings in your design software if you want to print from it.

    I've printed from the reports menu and the white prints fine  From Paint.net it will not print white and I've done every adjustment I can find!


  2. HI there! Trying to print white on colored paper. It works when I do the test print directly from the reports menu. But not from Paint.net. I'm told it's because Paint is adding CYAN to it for a richer black.... how do I stop it from doing that?
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