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  1. not that exact file but all files older than january 2012 did not open. (pdn files of course) here is one that i tested for sure which did not open with 4.2.11. zipped because pdn is not accepted, this one was saved in may 2009. it does open with 4.2.10 dvd-logo.zip
  2. I can not open any older .pdn file. Same error messages as above. I can only open newer .pdn files. I was semi-sure that those files opened with previous versions of the program within the last year. So I reinstalled 4.2.10 and the older files opened again without issues. As I kept the program relatively up to date all the time, if it helps, a file that was saved in January 2012 opens, a file that was saved in July 2011 does not open and provides above mentioned error.
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