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  1. I tried that as well. File explorer/pictures wouldn't even open it.
  2. I checked the folder(The one labeled Saint Seiya) it saved to the first time and it's still in that folder. I checked the file extension as well and it shows that it is still a .pdn file. I went to > File > Open Recent(which I do everytime) to get the image and that was when it gave me the error code.
  3. Hello! I was working on a file a day ago, saved it then was working on it again last night and saved it again before my computer froze and I had to do restart it. I opened paint.net today and when I go to open the file, it tells me "There was an error opening the file. C:\Users\{my user}\Pictures\Saint Seiya\Whi Su wip.pdn" When I click show details, it gives me this: Application version: paint.net 4.2.11 System.FormatException: file is not a valid paint.net document at PaintDotNet.Document.FromStream(Stream stream) in D:\src\pdn\src\Data\Document.cs:line 1328
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