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  1. Where to find "fill mode" for a shape? I wish to "fill" an arrow, which I got from Shapes, with a solid color.
  2. Yay! Thank you, Null54! The site your link points to works! On Saturday, since I found no Download button on the Paint.net site, I assumed -- and we know about those who assume, right? -- that the correct site must be GETPAINT.NET. (Today's getpaint.net site has dropped the urgency to download WinZip, and instead wants you to download a Yahoo-sponsored Search program to replace my Google search bar.) Using the site suggested by Null54 yields paint.net.4.2.11.install.zip, which I unzipped with my fave, 7-zip! Paint.net installs beautifully and is so easy from there -- I'm already working on my first picture in paint.net.
  3. Hi, Rick -- I'm new to Paint.net, but I've read your whole history and paint.net features, and think it's going to be the answer to my prayers. Is it possible to download it WITHOUT using WinZip? I use 7xfm -- from 7-zip.org -- and much prefer it to winzip. (I changed my "association" for zipped files long ago and have never looked back.) I'm using Win 7 Pro on both my machines, which works great for everyrhing I need at the moment. I hope to be able to bypass WinZip. Stay well & keep up the good work, Marge
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