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  1. Perhaps an actual help document would help but this solved the issue for me: args.Surface.Clear(ColorBgra.Transparent); I was previously calling without the color specified.
  2. Sorry, I should have included more detail - this is for a custom FileType plugin which loads the image just fine, it's when attempting to save I'm having trouble. I set the pixel like this: layer.Surface[x_pos, y_pos] = ColorBgra.Transparent; Which both displays and 'eye drops' correctly. if (scratchSurface[x, y].A == 0) This just returns 255, despite PDN clearly showing and displaying A=0 I'm also iterating through multiple layers so not sure if this is the right way to do so? foreach (Layer layer in input.Layers)
  3. If I check a transparent pixel in PDN, it shows the correct value of 255, 255, 255, 0. However, the alpha returned by scratchSurface[x, y].A is 255. Is there something simple I'm missing?
  4. Any plans to allow different sized layers (Photoshop and GIMP both support these)? I've written a plug-in to load a game's custom image format with one layer per sprite and at the moment, I have to set each layer size to be that of the largest sprite. The format also supports offsets when rendering in-game so I'd like to be able to add additional options to the layer properties window such as these offsets. The current workaround I have is to set the layer name when loading to be WIDTH,HEIGHT,OFFSETX,OFFSETY and use this again when saving back into the image's native form
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