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  1. Thanks very much. The plugin requires older versions of paint.net (Paint.NET 3.5.11 and 4.0.5). I have version 4.2.11. Do you know if there is a later version of the plugin, or must I install the older version of Paint.net?
  2. I need to convert a jpg file made on paint.net, to a pdf. This is for a whole book cover to be uploaded to kindle, so, a bit more than 2 pages wide. This is not a standard pdf format, so when i convert and upload the PDF, the cover dimensions change to much smaller. KIndle demands the cover be uploaded as a PDF. I definitely got the JPG dimensions right because Kindle provides a template for the cover. Solution? Thanks
  3. Greetings members. I'm trying to add text distortion files (from a zip folder) to my paint.net effects folder. BUT I don't appear to have the Effects folder. What I have you can see in the attachment. So, as you can see in the url, theres WindowsApp, followed by dotPDNLLC....., but others appear to have WhatsApp-Paintnet-Effects. So, what's wrong and how do i fix this. Thanks.
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