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  1. Very cool and useful plugin! Great work!
  2. Idk how to describe this but yeah... Just watch the video. This bug appears only with this image (? not sure mby also with similar ones) with a zoom of 150%. The image is attached.
  3. Hello! This tutorial was locked, cause there weren't any pictures. But he added them. Please unlock this post i really want to comment on it. Ty


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      I did no such thing.

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      oh yeah sry

    3. Foxxey


      can you please unlock this topic?

  4. This denoise plugin is just what i needed! Its even better than paint.net's one. Ik this post is 10 years old, but if you're still there please publish the code. I wanna know how this works.
  5. Cool plugin! (And yes i created this only using paint.net)
  6. Thanks for the hint! Imma update the plugin in some minutes
  7. I am pretty sure boltbait's one actually used Motion Blur. The idea of this plugin was just to add some more Blur Types. Thats it.
  8. I tried using bolbait's code from tutorial4. It didn't work (I think it's outdated). So yeah. How to get it?
  9. This plugin creates a Inner Shadow from all angles or a custom angle (only works when directional blur is selected). To install it extract the zip file and execute the .bat file. To install it manually drag and drop the .dll file into your Effects folder. Location: Effects>Object P.S. This only works with images with a transparent background. P.P.S. I added a blur type Drop-Down list to select the blur type Example: InnerShadowV2.cs InnerShadowV2.zip
  10. @Rick BrewsterI dumped (using UWPDumper) the Microsoft Store version and copied the Program Files to the paint.net location.. And it worked!
  11. I tried installing this new version and this error message keeps popping out..
  12. @ReptillianThank you it worked! do you know if there is any hair plugin for paint.net? it should work like the hair function in blender but in 2d and also have a min and max slider. I recreated this with my CircleGen Plugin and the "Grouped Pixel Shift By Rectengular Polar Transformation" (what a long name), but it only works for some shapes (e.g. circles, squares), because other change their shape.
  13. @Reptilliani tried to install ur plugin in G'MIC in Paint.net, but it didnt work. I am new to G'MIC. What did I do wrong?
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