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  1. Sorry for comment spam on my own thread... But I got rid of the rendered clouds underneath. This is the new png export: https://ibb.co/xhC9c7t This is its resultant image in unity: https://ibb.co/WcW4zJk There is no longer any border. Even though its there on the bottom right in the 'preview'... Seems this thread can be closed because its apparently an issue with Unity.
  2. For reference this is what it looks like in unity. I've tried changing every setting and nothing fixes the hard edge.
  3. I have made a border that alpha fades to 0 in the center. The pdn file looks alright but when i export it as 32bit png the alpha fade stops at, i guess, somewhere between 100 to 50 and at which point it cuts off completely. I will upload the png file. If you open it in Paint.net you will see a (rough) transition to 0. But with Unity or windows photo app you can see that it doesn't fade all the way to 0. Am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation about the PDN software?
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