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  1. Hello, I want to do this with a rectangle to get the parallelogram. Is it possible? If there is a plugin for this, or it is already in the PDN, I want to do this because it would be a lot easier to adjust the angle and that's what I mostly need Thank you
  2. I already have it on its own transparent layer. I cropped it from another larger picture using the magic wand. Though, I think I found out where the problem was; the magic wand also selected some pixels and made them like 90% transparent and I didn't see them. Going with an eraser around helped me. Still, thank you
  3. Hello, when using the pyrochild's outline plugin, it doesn't seem to work properly for me http://prntscr.com/s4pp4c I circled the spots where it failed I know the plugin itself is 13 years old Is there any way how I can fix this? Thanks
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