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  1. Thanks! I'm having,, some trouble installing it though.. Am I supposed to install all three, or just one of these?
  2. Awesome! Thanks! It's not perfect, but it's a huge step in the right direction and with a little fiddling here and there I think I can make this work. It seems to work better with pictures of real world environments (I'm editing a painting). Now I just need to find a program that can animate pieces of a photo moving slowly over one another.
  3. I'm trying to make something like this ( ) but while i can out all the parts of the image, filling in the empty area left behind is proving challenging. It's a popular feature with photoshop but I can't find Any other programs that offer something even close to this! Is anyone aware of an alternative?
  4. Whoaaaaa!!! Prixey, this is Amazing!! And this is just,, free???? Can I download it or something?? Wow!
  5. I play Elite Dangerous and wanted to edit some shots, but it's so difficult sometimes! I wanted to take some very similar shots of my ship, then edit out the background, but it's proving difficult. I have multiple images with a nearly identical shot of my ship, but vastly different backgrounds and was curious if the program could compare the images and automatically remove the differences? I saw a program years and years ago that could do this, to get images of famous locations without people in the shots, but I've yet to find a modern program that can do it,,
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